Ali Beale

Ali has worked with Fevered Sleep since 2003, projects include The Bounce, The Forest, Brilliant, Stilled, An Infinite Line Brighton, And the Rain Falls Down, The Summer Subversive, Fleet, The Field of Miracles and Feast Your Eyes.

Ali also works as a freelance Production Manager with work ranging from theatre to opera, dance and installation, including both national and international tours. Recent work includes Under Glass, Must, Performing Medicine, Sampled, and Fantastic Voyage for The Clod Ensemble; Just Act, It Felt Empty, Missing Out, This Wide Night and Black Crows for Clean Break; Give us a Hand! for The Little Angel Theatre; Guided Tour for Peter Reder which toured to Gijon, Arizona, Singapore, Bucharest and Moscow; The Evocation of Papa Mas, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, Aladdin, Playing the Victim, A Little Fantasy and Shoot Me in The Heart for Told by An Idiot; Gumbo Jumbo for The Gogmagogs; The Ratcatcher of Hamlin for Cartoon De Salvo; Oogly Boogly for Tom Morris and Guy Dartnel; Throat for Company FZ and Arcane for Opera Circus.


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