Above Me The Wide Blue Sky

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky is a performance installation that explores our profound connectedness to the natural world, original production 2013

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky is a performance.  It is also an installation.  It is a sonic landscape, rich with music, birdsong, and electronic sound.  It is an archive of skies.  It is a dark room in which light shifts and changes.  It is a collection of stories about our deep-rooted, deeply felt, easily overlooked and profoundly important connection to the land, the sky, the sea, the weather, and the other living things that surround us.

A man whose memories are carried by birds.  A woman whose children have grown with the trees.  A family whose garden is the fathomless ocean.  If who we are and what we call home is inextricably linked with nature, what happens when everything starts to change?


Original production dates
Live at LICA - Lancaster: 22nd February - 23rd February 2013
Warwick Arts Centre - Coventry: 27th February - 2nd March 2013
Young Vic - London: 7th March - 28th March 2013
Young Vic - Discussion event 5-6pm : 27th March
Beautifully performed, in artfully naturalistic style….a catalyst for thought and further reading, as well as an experience of poetic melancholy, Above Me (The Wide Blue Sky) is a piece that leaves a troubling echo in the imagination
The Telegraph
Ethereal tinged with foreboding….(Above Me The Wide Blue Sky) works delicately and by poetic association through its telling musical structure. It's haunting; it stays with you
The Independent
...there is something implacably powerful about this show
Time Out
For me it’s a memory of childhood and our connection with the outdoors but that’s only scraping the surface. It’s haunting, almost
A Younger Theatre
Poignant yet playful, Above Me The Wide Blue Sky cuts through our urban lives and asks us not only to reassess the role of nature within them, but to confront how impoverished we will become if we continue to distance ourselves from the world around us
The Stage
Ali Beale
Production Manager & design

Synne Behrndt

Samantha Butler
Direction & design

Laura Cubitt

Will Duke
Projection Design

David Harradine
Direction & design

Jamie McCarthy

Hansjorg Schmidt
Lighting Design

Charles Webber
Sound Design

Beth Hoare-Barnes
Company Stage Manager

Sam Evans
Technical Stage Manager

Dominic Bilkey
AV Programmer

Scientific Advisors

Robin IM Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, University of Oxford

John Pickering, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Warwick

A Fevered Sleep/ Young Vic co-production
Produced in association with Fuel
Co-commissioned by Live at LICA and Warwick Arts Centre

Supported by

With additional support from:

Ernest Cook Trust, Newcomen Collett Foundation, Robertson Trust