An Infinite Line: Brighton

The first in a series of projects that are created in response to the quality of natural light in different places.

An Infinite Line: Brighton was commissioned by the 2008 Brighton Festival, as an exploration of and response to the quality of natural light in Brighton. The project was in three parts: a site-specific performance piece, an installation of 8mm cine films, and a book.


The performance of An Infinite Line: Brighton took place in a former print works in the centre of the city, in an underground space devoid of natural light. Rather than trying to recreate the light (why do this when the light itself is already so extraordinary?) the performance presented a series of images, soundscape, texts, actions and lighting events which combined to form a new visual landscape, one which evoked the sensual and subjective experience of the natural light, but didn’t describe it.


The installation for An Infinite Line: Brighton took place in the same space as the performance, during the day. It consisted of thirty 8mm cine projectors, projecting short films depicting the light falling on the natural and urban landscapes of Brighton. Ranging from the abstract (light as a wash of colour on the churning surface of the sea) to the literal (the mirror ball turning slowly on top of the pier) the films, projected onto blocks of chalk – like the chalk of the local cliffs – created a flickering and constantly changing environment of colour, light and sound.


Created in collaboration with book designers Valle Walkley, the book version of An Infinite Line: Brighton is a collection of writings which describe in words the mercurial and ephemeral light as it changes across a day, across seasons, and across a year.

The book is priced at £10, plus £3.70 p&p. Payments are managed via PayPal.

Original production dates
Brighton Festival - Brighton: 5th May - 21st May 2008
An ambitious, impressionistic tribute to Brighton’s light and weather. A sensory, dreamlike show with some ingenious painterly coups de theatre.
Financial Times
Strongly evocative….the visual installations work beautifully and it’s hard not to be seduced by Harradine and his company’s vision.
The Independent
Like light, An Infinite Line is ever changing. Powerful and magnificent.
The Guardian
The performance has moments of surreal beauty and hallucinatory quality, much like the light itself.
The Argus
Ali Beale
Design & production management

Synne Behrndt

Jamie Bradley

Sam Butler
Associate director

Jamie McCarthy

Laura Cubitt

David Harradine
Direction & design

Billy Hiscoke
Assistant stage manager

Beth Hoare-Barnes
Stage manager

David Leahy

Jo Manser

Mark Webber
Cine film projection & live sound

Valle Walkley
Book design


Kevin Smith and Cindy Morris

Commissioned by Brighton Festival