Above Me the Wide Blue Sky

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky pop-up

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky pop-up

Drawing upon the 2013 The State of Nature report, this Autumn associate artist Luke Pell will be working closely with people across the UK who live in distinctly different natural habitats, to explore changes in these environments and how people’s relationships to place affect their feelings about who they are and where they call home.  Curating a series of collaborative encounters between people and the places where they live, we will create a new participatory artwork for 2014. This pop-up project follows on from Above Me The Wide Blue Sky, Fevered Sleep’s installation/performance project that explored the myriad ways in… Read More

On performing Above Me The Wide Blue Sky

As more people come to join us for the night it is beginning to feel like the doing it is what it’s about.  There’s a definite element of spreading the word, to a group of witnesses who have gathered together to spend the time observing, simply listening and thinking; creating the space to do that, committing to that time spent with yourself. The act of telling and listening, of a group coming together for that short time has the flip side that I deliver it alone. I have been reading a book about ultra marathons as the project has been… Read More

In discussion with the creators

On Wednesday 27th March we are hosting a free discussion event involving the creative team and guests from the arts and science.  Join us to find out more about the themes and the research process that informed the making of the piece. The event will take place at the Young Vic from 5-6pm contact admin@feveredsleep.co.uk to book your place.