Blog posts from Fevered Sleep’s bee-keeping adventures.

There! There! There!

There is a ball of fire, moving through the sky.  There!  There!  There!  We follow.  We glide over the earth, searching, seeking.  There!  There! There!  And there, a point of colour, vivid blue (although you would see it as red).  There!  There!  There!  Nectar.  Sugar.  Food.  Food fit for a hiveful of bees.  We open our mouths and carry.  A mouthful of nectar, again and again and again.  Precious cargo.   Again and again and again, over and over and over.  There!  There!  There! We fill the hive.  We feed.  And then, we build.  Our home is made of us…. Read More

We Arrive Beneath A Sky Of Nectar

We are split.  We are separated.  Divided. We go into the dark. There is a point of light, and another, and then darkness. We dance, vibrating. There is movement. There is new light. A new place. We scout. Day night day night day night day… The sky turns to nectar.  Clouds of nectar.  A universe of nectar. The sun arcs.  We fly. We dance, vibrating, in darkness. Here it is here here here it is.  New home. We tend.  We rear.  We grow.

Summer Bees

Summer Bees

Things are looking good at bee headquarters.  These long, hot sunny days are bee paradise:  plenty of sun, plenty of flowers, plenty of pollen, plenty of nectar.  Days of plenty.  Had a quick look in our hive at the weekend, and honey stores are building up, the queen’s busy laying, and the colony’s looking stronger and stronger.  All good news after a bad start in that cold, long spring (that seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it?). Happy days.  Summer days.  Days for bees. (the photo’s of the queen trapped in a little cage so she can be… Read More