It’s finally time for Dusk

At the heart of Dusk is a journey. A journey through different places, and a journey through time. It’s real; climbing up trees, jumping through heather, running into the sea and crossing city streets – and it’s metaphorical; a journey of change and growth in which time passes strangely, in which a lost child grows up as he makes his way home. The other journey through Dusk has been our journey as a company, which has taken us from rehearsal rooms to wind torn clifftops to editing suites to the theatres where it’s being shown. We’re not sure whether Dusk… Read More

How to grow a forest, how to conjure a dusk

It’s that time again, late at night, dark and silent (other than this wind howling down the chimney) and the slow trickle and drip of ideas, thoughts emerging, possibilities surfacing and fading away. We’re moving towards something totally new for us:  a script, a screenplay, a structure, a concrete dream of the thing before we start rehearsing the thing.  Something down, a starting point, a seed.  A sapling.  Fertile ground to grow a project in.  But how do you grow a forest, at dusk, or in the dark, in the silence (with just this wind howling)?  How do you know… Read More

Location Scouting

Preparations for our new project, Dusk, are well under way.  This week we’re heading up to north Wales to search for locations for the film that’s at the heart of the project.  We’ll mainly be found truffling around in mossy forests, scrambling up scree slopes, taking in the views on mountaintops, scrambling down cliffs, looking for wind turbines, running on beaches and liaising with the agents of performing crabs.  All in a day’s work…

Dusk R&D at Mac Birmingham

The directors travelled to Birmingham’s MAC last week to continue our work on researching ideas for Dusk. We took Jessica Tiller with us who is developing and ultimately making the costumes for the audience members and the performer. We love collaborating with Jess as she is able to respond quickly to anything that comes up during our workshops; tweaking and sewing in situ to adjust the look, the feel, the weight and the fastenings as the children move and play. Big questions for the week: are (most of) the children happy to wear a pair of ears? What is the best… Read More