David Leahy

Double Bass player/composer David Leahy has been living and working in the UK for the last ten years following his arrival from his native New Zealand. He has successfully established a strong reputation both in this country and on the continent as a versatile instrumentalist specialising in improvisation.

He plays and dances with a wide range of artists from Europe’s improvised music and dance scenes, and collaborates as a composer with a number of prominent theatre directors and choreographers. As well as working for Fevered Sleep, David is currently promoting his own ‘music in theatre’ work entitled Pioneers with two other New Zealanders, along with organising performances for a number of groups including his own new music group Fate of Animals and furthering his solo improvisation work and work as an improvisation conductor throughout Europe.

He also works extensively as a creativity consultant to schools. David’s previous work with Fevered Sleep includes Some Short Exercises in Love, And the Rain Falls Down and The Dreaming Place.