Brilliant Film

A short film for children about light, darkness and bedtime

Brilliant film still


Our first film for children, based on our acclaimed theatre piece of the same name. Set in a dreamlike world made of light, Brilliant explores the deep emotions, strange imaginings and secret games that happen as we drift off to sleep.

Imagine it’s bedtime.  Imagine it’s time to turn out the light. Imagine the universe turning, and the moon shining bright…

Brilliant is set in the magical space between wakefulness and sleep, and follows the journey of a girl who overcomes her fear of the dark.  Created especially for 3-5 year olds and their families.

Based on “Brilliant” a Fevered Sleep/Polka Theatre production

Brilliant is available to purchase on DVD.


David Harradine and Sam Butler
Design, direction and editing

Ali Beale
1st Assistant director and designer

Laura Cubitt

David Leahy
Performer and composer

Gabi Norland

Jo Manser
Lighting designer

Gillane Seaborne
Consultant producer at Midnight Oil Productions

Sam Evans

Beth Hoare-Barnes
2nd Assistant director

Ewan Macfarlan
Camera assistant

Maciej Miskiewicz
Sound designer and recordist

Will Duke
Post production technician

David Emmings
Object Animation

Jessica Sykes
Production Runner

Gursen Houssein

Jessica Tiller

Suzy Peters

Produced in association with Fuel

Based on "Brilliant", a Fevered Sleep / Polka Theatre production. Material originally devised with Laura Cubitt, David Leahy and Jamie McCarthy.

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Light and Darkness on Film

About half of the projects we make are for children and families, and in this work for younger audiences, we’re still always trying to find new ways of working, to ask questions, to be provocative and playful and to find the unexpected, just like we are in all our work.  So when we came to make our first film for children, Brilliant, an adaptation of one of our performance pieces, we talked a lot about the kinds of screen experiences children have, and how an arts company like Fevered Sleep might approach things differently. See for yourself whether in Brilliant… Read More

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Eastleigh Film Festival - Eastleigh 22nd September - 22nd September 2015 More details on timings and bookings coming soon

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Cloudspotting Festival - Slaidburn 24th July - 26th July 2015
Arts Depot - London 4th October - 4th October 2015
The Place - London 19th July - 19th July 2014
Clapham Picturehouse - London 6th June - 6th June 2014
Greenwich Picturehouse - London 3rd June - 3rd June 2014
Hijack Children's Festival - Online Screening Event 17th April - 18th April 2014
The Gate Cinema - London 29th March - 29th March 2014