Stilled is a free dance & photographic installation, inspired by the science of X-ray crystallography

Inspired by the scientific process of X-ray crystallography, Stilled is a durational dance (performed for between 3 and 12 hours) and an exhibition of pinhole photographs.

The dance is performed not only for a human audience, but also for an audience of pinhole cameras. During the performance, these cameras take long-exposure photographs of the movements taking place, which are developed and then displayed as part of the event. In Stilled, the audience witnesses the performance taking place, and they see the strange, often abstract images that bear witness to earlier improvisations.

Stilled is a meditation on the nature of perception: of taking time to become visible, taking time to be present, taking time to look, and taking time to see. Stilled features live, improvised music by Jamie McCarthy and live lighting designed and controlled by Hansjorg Schmidt. Audiences are free to come and go throughout the duration of the piece.



The Stilled podcast is designed as an accompaniment to the performance. You can listen to it while watching the piece live, or before, or after.  Stream it live or download from our Soundcloud page

Stilled is also available for touring. Please contact Emily Jameson for more information.

Lingeringly , mesmerizingly beautiful. The dancers exuding a magnetic calm as they improvise.
A place of agnostic worship for the new millennium
Audience member, Wellcome Collection 2015
Ali Beale
Production manager & design

Sam Butler
Darkroom processing

Theo Clinkard
Performing company

Laura Cubitt
Performing company

Robin Dingemans
Performing company

Valentina Formenti
Performing company

David Harradine
Direction, design & photography

Sachi Kimura
Performing company

Jamie McCarthy

Matthew Morris
Performing company

Hansjorg Schmidt
Lighting Design

Petra Soor
Performing company

Charles Webber
Lighting & music cover

A Fevered Sleep and Fuel production
Commissioned by Wellcome Collection

Stilled was originally devised with Robin Dingemans, Valentina Formenti and Sachi Kimura and first performed at the Wellcome Collection, London, in 2008.

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  1. Very good, peaceful and calm. It was like a meditation. Excellent surprising work.

  2. Amazing concept. Great atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. Beautiful concept, intriguing, moving and fascinating, the performances were hypnotic and the resulting images are quite, quite lovely. Thankyou!

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Venue Dates Booking Information
Wellcome Collection - London 1st May - 3rd May 2015
The Lowry - Salford 20th January - 21st January 2015
Live at LICA; Nuffield Theatre - Lancaster 23rd April - 24th April 2013
Warwick Arts Centre 18th April - 18th April 2012
Wales Millenium Centre 12th April - 13th April 2012
Siobhan Davies Dance 17th March - 17th March 2012
Southbank Centre - London 1st July - 3rd July 2011
Wellcome Collection 1st August - 3rd August 2008 Free drop in performances