Grey Sky / Silverblue Light

Here we are again.  Devising.  Searching around in the dark for the thing.  You know, the thing.  The thing you think you want to make.  What is it, the thing?  Well, it’s something.  It exists.  But we don’t know what it is yet.  We’re hoping to see it when it appears. It feels like it’s on its way.

Above Me The Wide Blue Sky.  Animated paintings of flat grey, starlings, infinite blue, Turneresque clouds, watery, alive.  The sound of something geological.  Bats singing, like harps, like music.  A forest of light.  A cliff edge indoors.  And weaving words of connectedness, a body in motion, in language, in water, in flight.

This winter light is helping.  This muffling white.  This mouthwatering silvery blue.  The gorgeous grey of a textureless sky, in which everything seems possible.

Everything seems possible, so we just have to keep looking, and listening, for when it arrives…

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