It’s finally time for Dusk

At the heart of Dusk is a journey. A journey through different places, and a journey through time. It’s real; climbing up trees, jumping through heather, running into the sea and crossing city streets – and it’s metaphorical; a journey of change and growth in which time passes strangely, in which a lost child grows up as he makes his way home.

The other journey through Dusk has been our journey as a company, which has taken us from rehearsal rooms to wind torn clifftops to editing suites to the theatres where it’s being shown. We’re not sure whether Dusk is a film. Or whether it’s theatre. It’s both and neither, and something other.

Most of all, it’s an invitation to see the world with our eyes and ears wide open, smiling, awestruck. To hear birdsong carried on the wind. To taste the sea. To feel the mud on your toes. To slow down, and to look.

As the light fades and everything changes, Dusk celebrates the deep bonds between people, places, and the other living things that share the wide, wild world that we call home.

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