move like the dancers move

music composed by Jamie McCarthy

I am an atom

Move like an atom. Roll yourself into a ball and start very slowly and gently rolling around the room or a big patch of grass! Whenever you touch an object bounce off the object and start rolling in the other direction, furniture, walls, trees, balls, other people, all make you change direction when you touch them with your body.

I am the solar system

You can try this with other people for the best fun like we do in the show, or just use lots of balls, or any objects you like.

Find your sun. The sun stands still in the centre of your space. You can be any planet in our solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune - start moving around the sun, trying to keep the same distance away from it at all times. Try doing it forwards, backwards, and for advanced planet work try moving forwards whilst turning slowly, like the earth. Speed up and slow down. Ask your friends to join in as other planets, all of you orbiting the sun at different speeds and at different distances. Imagine you are mercury, very hot and very close to the sun, but don’t touch the sun. Try being a meteor whizzing past the planets, just missing them!

I am a scientist

In the show, the four scientists close their eyes and move through the space, feeling their way with their hands and their bodies. We imagine they are exploring the universe and making discoveries and trying to feel what the universe is made of. Strange! Try it yourself. Start by standing still and closing your eyes. Imagine you can feel all the invisible things in the air around you just on your cheeks and your eyelids. Keep your eyes closed! Now add in your arms and your back and chest and the top of your head. See if you can keep exploring the space around you and start moving your feet and legs. Careful not to bump into anything. If it makes it easier, wear some glasses like our scientists!