1. I spoke to Sam Butler at the Whitworth Art Gallery yesterday. I bought one of the memorial broaches. That meant a lot to me. Mine says, ”in memory of’ and is in memory of my nephew David who died on the 9th April this year of alcohol poisoning. He struggled with a drink problem all this adult life. But prior to his death he had not drunk for about two months. I am not close to my family so still can not get the whole story.But I imagine he just overloaded his system. I knew him as a little boy. And then we lost touch for many, many years. But three years ago we got talking again. A little bit. What hurts me the most is that it never crossed my mind he wouldn’t get better. He was only 47. I just thought he would get better. And now I am crying. so must say goodbye. And good writing to you.

    1. Hi Julia
      thanks so much for writing this down for others to read. Your experience and how you respond to it is unique to the relationship you have with David, and this is what is so difficult for others to appreciate and acknowledge. Thanks once again, I’m glad we spoke and I’m sending you my good wishes,

  2. Read your piece in I paper today. Do you have a list of locations for 2019?

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