There! There! There!

There is a ball of fire, moving through the sky.  There!  There!  There!  We follow.  We glide over the earth, searching, seeking.  There!  There! There!  And there, a point of colour, vivid blue (although you would see it as red).  There!  There!  There!  Nectar.  Sugar.  Food.  Food fit for a hiveful of bees.  We open our mouths and carry.  A mouthful of nectar, again and again and again.  Precious cargo.   Again and again and again, over and over and over.  There!  There!  There!

We fill the hive.  We feed.  And then, we build.  Our home is made of us.  Wax.  We ooze.  Wax.  Fleck after fleck after fleck, layer upon layer.  There!  There! There!

We see, we fly, we feed, we carry, we ooze.

We dance, we see, we fly, we carry, we feed, we ooze.

We are here together.  Here!  Here! Here!



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