Your Stories

In all of Fevered Sleep’s projects, we’re interested in bringing together diverse points of view on the material we’re exploring:  combining our thoughts and instinct as artists with scientific research and other areas of academic study, and layering these perspectives with the personal experiences of the general public.  For the last year, we’ve been travelling across the UK, meeting all sorts of people in all sorts of places, and talking; trying to understand people’s relationships with the places in which they live.  The focus of these conversations has been on nature, our connectedness to the non-human world that surrounds us, and how this connection informs our sense of “home”.  Asking people to think about their relationship to the wider world, we have gathered hundreds of stories and images, which form the text that runs through the centre of Above Me The Wide Blue Sky.

We’re looking for more people to share their stories of how nature has played a part in their lives.    Is there a place in the natural world that is particularly significant to you? A place that makes you feel at home? Perhaps it has changed, or is now just a memory?  We’d love to contact you later this spring to hear your story.  If you’d be happy for us to do that, please send us an email with your contact details, to

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