Dimity Nicholls

I joined Fevered Sleep in the summer of 2019, taking over from the long-term Executive Director Sophie Eustace – so I had very big boots to fill! 

I studied Fine Art, specialising in Painting and Installation. When I graduated, I didn’t feel confident enough to ‘be an artist’, which I thought meant having my own studio and painting all day (it doesn’t). I started volunteering in public galleries and running workshops for schools. This led me to work in a local authority arts & events team in London, managing artist led engagement projects in parks, community venues and schools. 

In 2012, I returned to work after a parenting break and was lucky enough to access the Step Change development programme for arts professionals. 

In this way, I updated my skills and training, developed existing and new networks and immersed myself in a year of personal and professional creativity. This is when I first saw the work of Fevered Sleep and applied for a job as Project Manager – which I quite rightly didn’t get! I wasn’t ready and it wasn’t the right next step. So having gained  a few more years of experience, most recently as Education Director at Cubitt Artists, I was able to move into this role as Executive Director. Working with the Fevered Sleep team, I hope to bring all my knowledge and experience to the role, helping to ensure that the fundraising, finances and people remain healthy and are able to thrive. I’m also looking forward to lots of new experiences and continuing to learn, from the team, from the artists with whom we work and most wonderfully, from our participants.


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