Sam Butler

Sam Butler graduated from Middlesex University in 1995 and is the co-founder and co-Artistic Director of Fevered Sleep. As well as performing in much of the company’s early work she co-devises, designs and directs most of the work both for adults and for children. Sam takes the lead on all the Creative Resources for the pieces for children – writing and designing the resources for schools and families and delivering dance, drama and creative workshops which run alongside the work.

Sam also works as a freelance lecturer, workshop leader and artist. She is currently creating a new piece ‘What You Need My Louise’, a performance installation on motherhood, attachment and loss, with her sister.


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We are Iridescent

We are Iridescent

  We are complicated. We have better instinct. We are left out. We want not to be blamed. We can hear you talking about us.   Exploring the nature of existence for a child at this time can be a bewildering, joyful and sometimes a painful thing. Our first 2 sets of research workshops began as an invitation for child participants to be in a space with us firstly at dance4 in Nottingham and shortly after, at Dartington. We talked together, wrote together, questioned and interrogated, played of course, moved, danced and shouted. We handed them a video camera and… Read More