Reflections on Men & Girls Dance in Malmö

“One of things that’s different here – that we love – are the rights of the child. Sweden is a place where children count, their voices, their visibility in society. In the way time is given to their growth, to being nurtured, to play. From politicians in decision-making, to maternity and paternity leave, to what is taught at school and how. Children’s rights are foregrounded and because of these beliefs it seems to be that these girls have such a strong sense of their agency, their entitlement and themselves, their power to ask questions of the world, of others, of us and to make choices.”

We had a wonderful time at Skånes Dansteater in Sweden, performing our first international residency of Men & Girls Dance this month. 

Read the full blog post by our Associate Artist Luke Pell, as he reflects on travelling to and spending time in Malmö, his experiences of the Talking Place and the things visitors said here