Sheep Pig Goat


We’re very pleased to announce Sheep Pig Goat, a brand new project which explores inter-species empathy and communication. It’s been commissioned as part of the Making Nature exhibition at Wellcome Collection, and will take place at a venue in Peckham.

Sheep Pig Goat is a creative research studio exploring how well humans see animals as they really are – not as we tell ourselves they are – through a series of improvised encounters between human performers and animal spectators. Unusually for a project in the early stages of research, this one is entirely open to the public.

Studio Visiting Times
TUESDAY 14–SUNDAY 19 MAR, 11.30–13.00, 14.00–15.30, 16.30–18.00
Visitors are invited to witness improvised encounters as they happen and join in a conversation with the artists, guest speakers and each other to reflect on the possibility of interspecies empathy and communication.
Tickets are free and go on sale 24 February, to reserve or for more information click – here

Contextual Conversations
THURSDAY 16–SATURDAY 18 MAR, 19.00–20.30
Explore the stories we tell ourselves about animals, and our place in an animal world in this series of lively debates with leading scientists, researchers and artists hosted by dramaturg Ruth Little.
Tickets are free and go on sale from Monday 27 February.

Brilliant in Beijing

IMG_4619We are currently resident in Beijing with ‘The A.S.K’ at the majestic Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, bringing Brilliant back to life for an audience of Chinese children. With ‘The A.S.K’ we share a philosophy of respect for and love of children, and with that comes the desire to develop art of the highest quality and sophistication, so we’re happier than ever to be presenting our feast of light with them.

Our technical team and there’s are working hard to open the show this Friday night at 7:30pm, Chinese time and the bubble of excitement in our dressing room and the ‘A.S.K’ office next door is slowly growing.

But alongside the work there is the inevitable pleasure of discovery in a new culture, different customs, and…the most incredible food! ‘The A.S.K’ team are wonderful hosts; showing us the best places to eat, guiding us to the best parts of the city and patiently translating and coaching us in the language.

We have so much more to discover over the next 3 weeks; we hope our audiences discover something extraordinary in Brilliant.


Samantha Butler